I'm Andy.

I build things on the internet.

I run a web development agency.

I founded Bang Equals, a web-development shop specializing in the creation of Ruby on Rails applications. We've built an online presence for a publishing imprint, helped non-profits create communities and tools for journalists, developed digital homes for furniture artisans launched high-traffic web products for digital marketing gurus. Separately, I also co-founded a landing page optimization company.

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I'm an Adjudicator for Guinness World Records.


I travel internationally to oversee official Guinness World Record attempts and celebrate the unique accomplishments of individuals/teams from all backgrounds. Some of the favorite record titles I've overseen: the longest marathon cooking, the worlds fastest juggler, and the longest career as an airplane mechanic.

I'm a Ballperson at the U.S. Open.


Since 2014, I've served as a Ballperson at the US Open in Flushing Meadows, Queens. I've had the privilege to share the court with four U.S. Open singles champions (Federer; Murray; Wawrinka; Del Potro) and seven Grand Slam champs (Kvitová; Wozniacki; Muguruza).

Fed is the G.O.A.T..

I love to build technology to improve New York.

I <3 [tech for] New York. Check out some things I've built: a park finding app; a Know Your Rights guide for immigrants; an atlas of neighborhood health data; or a site to help New Yorkers with disabilities navigate our subway.

I'm also working on a site cataloging NYC's ethnic cuisine by country.

I'm a mentor at Turing School.


I was fortunate to benefit from a coding bootcamp all the way back in 2012. I think it's important to pay it forward, so I serve as a mentor for Turing School students.

I love to talk about coding

I owe both the Ruby and Rails communities so much gratitude for building the tools I use every day (thanks!). Speaking at a conference is always an honor.

Check out a talk on building human-powered APIs with crowdsourcing at RailsConf 2018:

Or, a talk about using Ruby to create dynamic design systems for physical products:

I think we should work together.

Yes, you! Thanks for reading this far. Want to create something together? Talk about Serena? Brainstorm Guinness World Record titles? Call me!

Let's chat.

Want to collaborate? Hit me up! I'm also down to just talk about code, politics, food or music.

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